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Christian Speaking

  • Kevin Wayne Johnson Keynote Speaker

    Kevin Wayne Johnson Keynote Speaker

    Published Author of 8 Books

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    With the fundamental belief that God uses ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary things, Kevin Wayne Johnson lives to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. His passion is reflected through his national best-selling book series (Give God the Glory!) that have earned 17 literary awards since 2001, all published through his Christian-based publishing company – Writing for the Lord Ministries, as a former radio and television host, and in several leadership positions within the local church, the Christian publishing industry, and the National Association of the Church of God (Anderson, Indiana). A native of Richmond, Virginia, Johnson was introduced to the Bible and the Christian doctrine as a child and active member of Ebenezer Baptist Church. At the age of eight, his maternal grandmother (Granny), a devout Seventh Day Adventist, prophesied that he would preach the gospel in due season. From these planted seeds, Johnson, alongside his wife, Gail, confessed Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior on May 2, 1993. This spiritual transformation occurred slightly less than two months after their marriage on March 6, 1993.
  • Senior Pastor of the Greater Mountain Baptist Church

    Senior Pastor of the Greater Mountain Baptist Church

    Social Justice Activist

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    The Reverend Douglas Demetrius Prather, a native of Atlanta, Georgia is one of the nation’s fore-front, dynamic and noted civil rights and social justice activist. Rev. Prather has spent his life serving others and is at present the Senior Pastor of the Greater Mountain Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia. Prior to his current pastoral call, Prather served for 7 years as an associate minister at the Historic Beulah Baptist Church also in Atlanta under the leadership of Rev. W. L. Cottrell where he was both licensed and ordained. Committed to social justice, Prather’s work has been recognized by many publications domestic and international alike and include but not limited to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, South Fulton County Neighbor, the NAACP Crisis magazine and numerous periodicals. As author of many journals, editorials and contributions Prather is a regular guest editorialist for an online social justice magazine. Prather is married to the former Elizabeth Dixon and they share one son Mastor Anthony Mann.
  • Dr. Joseph E. Hines PHD

    Dr. Joseph E. Hines PHD

    Author & Public Speakers

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    A Personal Walk is a book about creating a personal relationship with Christ. The book is about the journey of a man who was born in a middle-class home with all the trappings of success, graduated from the Naval Academy, traveled the world as a Naval Officer and was seemingly successful in his own right, yet a man who was spiritually lost.
  • Women's Empowerment Speaker Cheryl Holland

    Women’s Empowerment Speaker Cheryl Holland

    WOMEN'S EMPOWERMENT: For women who want more...status NOT quo!

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    Cheryl Holland is an empowerment speaker and entrepreneur. With her no-nonsense unapologetic approach, Cheryl empowers women to create the life and business success they desire. Through her women’s movement, A’Sista Project, she coaches women out of the “status quo” and into success by sharing life empowering and life changing information and strategies that manifest potential. Cheryl hosts the Permission Granted Women's Empowerment Seminar for women who want to be more, do more and have more. She believes EVERY woman has the power within to manifest greatness as well as to define, navigate, and reach the success she desires in life or business. Download her FREE A'Sista SUCCESS Kit at