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Dr. Joesph Profit – Champion of Adversity

1st African American NFL draft pick – Entrepreneur – Political Advisor – Author – Motivator

Dr. Joesph Profit - Champion of Adversity

Full Description

Born out of a small town in Louisiana, Dr. Joseph Profit learned about life in the cotton fields, felt the sting of discrimination during a time of upheaval in our country’s history, and became a successful CEO of a $100 million company, a political advisor to the president, and philanthropist, Dr. Profit is one of those unique people whose contribution ranges from sports to business to young people.
Finally able to document his life and philosophy in his new autobiography “Fields of Success – Raised Expectations” Dr. Profit’s life is one of those uniquely American stories that young people can emulate and sports fans will enjoy.
Coinciding with Black History Month, the release of the book comes at a time when we are hungry for stories like Dr. Profit’s. A documentation of the struggles of a young gifted black man against the dark specter of discrimination who not only overcame adversity but virtually reached iconic status in the realms of sports, business and politics.
Here are some highlights of Dr. Profit’s life;
• Born the son of a dirt poor sharecropper
• Became the first from his town and his family to attend college
• Attended (and graduated from) a primarily white college in the Deep South during a time of racial unrest
• Became the first African American NFL Draft pick (Atlanta Falcons)
• Suffered through and overcame career ending injuries
• Was one of the first African American franchise owners (McDonalds, Burger King, IHOP)
• The owner of one of the most successful and highest grossing Burger King franchises in the country and was instrumental in bringing breakfast selections to the franchise.
• The CEO of a $100 million communications company that was on the INC. 500 list 5 times
• An active Republican and advisor/appointee to President Nixon
• The President of the NFL Alumni Association (Atlanta Chapter) and a fiery advocate for benefits for all retired NFL players
• A technological visionary and CEO of a cutting edge IPTV company (Multimedia Digital Broadcasting Company) who accurately predicted the convergence of television and the Internet
• The father and inventor of a one of a kind hybrid revenue generating IPTV solution
• A philanthropist, advocate for youth and sought after motivational speaker
Dr. Profit’s life and his story is one that needs to be shared as an integral part of Black History. For more information or to book Dr. Profit for your show, event or endorsement, contact Glenn Weissman, Director of Marketing at 347-353-6128 or email
Learn more about Dr. Profit at